Growing van fleet an opportunity for garages and turbo repair specialists

The growing number of light commercial vehicles (LCVs) on Irish roads puts garages and turbo repair specialists in a great position to thrive, says turbocharger aftermarket specialist Melett.

According to the latest SIMI figures, new LCV registrations in 2023 saw an increase of 25.1 per cent (29,403) compared to 2022 (23,510) and a 16.1 per cent increase on pre-pandemic 2019 (25,336).

The average age of light commercial vehicles in the European Union is 12 years, with the average age of the entire vehicle fleet in Ireland just under nine years (ACEA figures from May 2023 show).

A combination of an expanded vehicle parc and a recovery in new van registrations provides an opportunity for both garages and turbocharger repairers, says Tom Wright, group product manager at Melett.

“Firstly, because vans and pickups are being kept for longer, there’s an immediate increase in the opportunities for servicing and repair,” Wright said. “Whether it’s routine maintenance to ensure longevity, or the repair or replacement of a faulty part, the increasing average age of vans is good news for the aftermarket.”

“Secondly, the growth in new vehicle sales will fuel demand for future repairs when manufacturer warranties expire,” Wright continued. “As vehicle manufacturers look to meet demand for more efficient vehicles with optimised performance and reduced emissions, we expect that opportunities for servicing and turbocharger repair will extend well into the future.”

Melett says it is continuing to develop its range of turbochargers and components to help turbo specialists meet this growing demand.

With an increasing range of products available, garages can choose to have a failed unit repaired or remanufactured by a turbo specialist, rather than replacing with a new original-equipment unit. Alternatively, they can purchase a new unit from Melett.

Furthermore, for garages that suspect turbocharger issues, turbo repair specialists can provide a full inspection and diagnosis service to help identify the root cause of failure and prevent further issues.

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