Get comfortable with TecRMI

Users of TecRMI technical service and repair data are well used to having at their fingertips, high quality information designed to help technicians target their work efficiently and allow them to carry out complex procedures with the minimum of complication. So the latest module to join the growing TecRMI armoury will fit the system perfectly.

The new module, inconspicuously called TecCOMFORTCIRCUITDIAGRAMS, includes sub-circuit diagrams for anti-theft systems, central locking systems, seat heating, airbag systems, lighting, instrument clusters, electric window lifters, hi-fi, cruise control, immobiliser and other such items: it even includes CAN bus systems and their networking. However, to aid the search process, the topics are split in seven main topics: Interior, Lighting, Chassis, Gearbox, Communication Systems, Safety and Central Electric.
“The addition of the comfort circuit diagrams into TecRMI is entirely in keeping with the detailed level of the information contained within the system and the comprehensive spread of subjects it addresses,” says TecAlliance’s commercial director, Shaun Greasley.
“All of these new circuit diagrams are displayed in a standard format and are grouped clearly to ensure quick access to the information that is needed, with zoom and print functions also incorporated to further help the user. In addition to the circuit diagrams, a corresponding component list is available in the print view, with complete component identification, which allows users to link to TecDoc to find any replacement parts the job may require.”
Available for all common European, Japanese and American vehicles from the model year 1992 onwards, the new comfort circuit diagrams module will stand alongside the existing circuit diagrams for engine management, air-conditioning system and brake system.

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