Johnson Controls to exhibit at Geneva Motor Show

Johnson Controls is showcasing its comprehensive battery expertise, from Start-Stop batteries to the prismatic lithium-ion cells for hybrid and electric cars at the Geneva Motor Show. “Pavillon Vert at the autoshow is dedicated to sustainability. With our next generation energy storage solutions that help our customers to deliver more fuel efficient cars to consumers, we fit perfectly in this special “green” area of the Geneva autoshow,” explains Stefan Suckow, managing director at Johnson Controls. “We’re currently working on making lithium-ion batteries more affordable with the aim of further launching them onto the mass market.”

Submodules are the electric heart of hybrid and electric cars and represent a key technology for further advancement. The next generation of submodules features prismatic cells as compared to today’s cylindrical cells, requiring less installation space and making them easier to integrate into cars. The submodules feature all the necessary components such as storage cells, an electric collector system, monitoring electronics, a cooling system and mechanical mounting options. Modular systems are easier to adapt to different cars, shortening development times and making batteries more affordable to produce. Johnson Controls currently plans to produce submodules beginning in 2014, and as part of its application pending under the national showcase project, the company could launch these automatic production capabilities at its Hanover facility which will help to further reduce battery costs.


A Ford Transit Connect Electric delivery vehicle powered by a Johnson Controls lithium-ion battery will also be available for test drives on location. “Eco-friendly vehicles represent the future and Johnson Controls is promoting this development,” explains Stefan Suckow. “We want to demonstrate that with our trade fair stand at the Auto-Salon in Geneva.”

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