Gates PowerGrip® kit is all you need

With Gates extended range of PowerGrip® Kits plus water pump, mechanics and technicians  can service their customers’ cars with a complete high-quality system.

3. Gates Timing belt kitA typical Gates PowerGrip® Kit plus water pump box includes all the parts required for a complete overhaul of the timing belt system.  This may include one or more timing belts, tensioner(s), idler(s), necessary accessories, specific installation instructions, and an application-specific water pump, all of guaranteed original equipment (OE) quality.

A complete overhaul of the timing belt system is a more economical approach to long-term vehicle repair.  In most cases, replacing a timing belt and including a water pump in the procedure takes about the same amount of time.  Not only is it good repair practice, it takes account of the likely wear to the water pump, which has already completed a full duty cycle. To not replace the water pump at the same time is to assume that it will last for another full duty cycle.

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