Free 2021 wall planners from First Line

First Line Ltd has revealed its 2021 wall planners for the aftermarket.

Each automotive planner is double sided, so workshops can display either First Line or Borg & Beck, depending on which brand they use the most.

There is also a commercial vehicle wall planner available for fleet managers that features a maintenance chart, so it’s clear to them and their workshop technicians what needs to be serviced on any particular vehicle, making it easy for them to keep track.

Jon Roughley, global marketing director for First Line Ltd, said: “We offer out these wall planners every year and they are always very popular with technicians. While they’re simple, they are useful for everyone, especially now we have a maintenance chart for fleet managers.

“We’re sure that everyone’s ready to put 2020 behind them and hope for a better year in 2021, and what a better way to prepare for the new year with a new wall planner.”

To claim a free wall planner, click here and select the planner(s) you’d like, with your name, address, and the quantity required.

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