First Line provides the solution for bushes

First Line Ltd’s range of replacement steering & suspension components comprises of more than 8,500 references.

Along with the company’s depth of range is its extensive product knowledge and the ability to source the parts that workshops really need on a daily basis.

Bushes are a vital part of the suspension system, as they isolate vibration and road noise, increase driver comfort and enhance the vehicle’s handling. They are individually designed with unique positional voids and specific rubber shore hardness, meaning there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

In many cases, the subframe bush is not available separately from the original equipment manufacturer, but as part of the complete subframe, meaning workshops and vehicle owners have the choice of replacing the entire component at a high cost or using a reconditioned subframe.

This results in more time and money being spent on repairs that aren’t necessary, especially if the only part that needs replacing is the bushes. First Line however, offers a cost effective solution by supplying bushes separately.

Responding to recent high demand for a popular rear trailing arm bush fitted to the Fiat Doblo 2010> and Vauxhall/Opel Combo 2011>18, which is currently unavailable as a separate component from OE suppliers, First Line has added it to its ever expanding range.

FSK7905 is a direct replacement which provides an essential solution and will save the vehicle owner hundreds of pounds. First Line recommends that the bushes are changed in pairs to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability.

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