Finol workshop lubricant dispensing stand

Garages operate in a busy environment where every minute counts, and space management plays a crucial role in overall productivity.

Therefore, Mechanics are always looking for ideas to help them with time and space management. Having over 40 years of experience in supplying garages of all types, Finol Oils has developed its Lubricants dispensing stand to suit most workshops and improve efficiency in lubricant requirements.

It is a safe and efficient way to store / organise fast-moving drums. The stand can hold up to six different drums at a time and comes with oil dispensing taps for easier and quicker top-ups.

These stands offer several other benefits to users, such as:

  1. They are made of heavy-duty steel to offer robust sturdiness and lasting durability.
  2. They come in a single piece, so no assembly is required, and you can start using them from day one.
  3. Because they are built keeping an actual workshop in mind, they are compact to maximise space management and can be located anywhere in the workshop.
  4. Finol’s Oil Dispensing stand has a dedicated header board listing most up to date engine oils along with the relevant OEM specs for quick technical consultations. You can always visit for expert technical consultation. All Finol customers get unlimited free access to the whichoil app.
  5. The stand comes with a lightweight drip tray to catch any spillages that may occur to help maintain better health and safety standards. This tray, once full, can be easily removed to empty the contents and secured back again after disposal. Add header-board image here and then delete sentence

Finol says it has had these stands in many workshops for a few years now and has received positive responses from many of its users who say that it has helped them organise their faster-moving products even better.

“Attention to detail is clearly visible when you see the stepped racks for easy and mess-free oil dispensing”, one customer said.

The latest update of these stands are available now at Finol Oils in Dublin, an authorised lubricants distributor of TotalEnergies, Elf, PetroCanada and Actioil in Ireland.

For any queries or quotes, you can contact them at +353 (1) 2238532 or You can view the full range of lubricants and grease at

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