Finol renews partnership with Irish Formula Vee

Following on from a very successful inaugural season of the Finol Star of Tomorrow Championship, Finol Oils has renewed its partnership with Irish Formula Vee for the 2015 season.

Official distributors for TOTAL Lubricants, which is internationally known for its investment of time and technologies as well as money in the world of motorsport said: “Finol Oils Ltd were delighted to be given the chance to become involved in the Formula Vee Star of Tomorrow Championship in Ireland to continue the link between TOTAL and motorsport here in Ireland. It has been great to see the 2014 championship succeed in attracting so many newcomers to the Formula Vee class and of such high calibre to give such an amazing championship to follow.”

It is with great pride that Sean Holland, Managing Director for Finol Oils Ltd was present at the last day of the championship in Mondello Park to see the Finol Star of Tomorrow Formula Vee Championship, 2014 winner Sean Newsome claim his prize and race in the Leastone Racing F1000.

“Sean has had a great championship and Finol Oils Ltd would like to wish Sean the best of luck as he moves on to the next stage in his racing career. We are sure we will be seeing Sean’s name in motorsport for many years to come; indeed Finol wish all the racers in the Finol Star of Tomorrow Championship 2014 the very best in their racing careers,”  Holland said.

After the great success of this year’s Star of Tomorrow Championship, Finol Oils has confirmed that it we continue  to support this championship into 2015 in its goal for encouraging more would be racers to get involved and take that first step in succeeding just like Sean and the rest of the championship contenders this year have.

Without the great work from Formula Vee Ireland, competitors like these racers might not get a chance like this and it is for this reason that Finol are proud to support Formula Vee Ireland through our association with the Star of Tomorrow Championship and we hope to have just as successful a year again next year with the eager newcomers to the Formula Vee class.”

For more information on the championship you can visit  and don’t forget to like the Finol Star of Tomorrow Formula Vee Championship Facebook page for more updates.

Formula Vee was introduced to Ireland in the mid 70’s as a low-cost single-seater racing class and has become the biggest, most exciting single-seater racing formula in Ireland today. For more information on Irish Formula Vee, click here:

Finol Star of Tomorrow 2015

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