Finol launches new Fleet Economy section on website

Finol has added a new dedicated feel Fuel Economy section to its website, which explains all the details of switching over to Fuel Economy lubricants

Rubia9900UK.inddThis new section explains in simple terms how using Total’s FE lubricants can help fleet operators cut their fuel bills by up to 3 per cent. Fleet operators can also read about independent tests carried out on some of the leading manufacturers’ HGVs which prove these savings.

This new web page also contains a Fuel Economy calculator where readers can fill in the details of their fleet’s distance travelled; average consumption, number of vehicles and it will calculate and show how much money and fuel can be saved annually by switching to Fuel Economy lubricants in the  drive line.

Visitors can also see the full range of Fuel Economy lubricants available in one place through Finol Oils. The range is varied enough to ensure that Finol has the right approved lubricant to cater for every fleet.

Indeed, the newest product, Total’s Rubia TIR 9900 FE 5W-30 is the perfect lubricant for operators with a number of different makes of vehicles, and is the ideal product for a mixed fleet.

The product is developed by Total Lubricants to be used in all Euro 6 and older engine models and is approved by leading manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Volvo, Renault Trucks, Mack, Cummins and DAF.

Finol Oils say this is the only product mixed fleet operators should be considering as it saves holding multiple types of engine oils and can offer up to 3 per cent savings on fuel bills.

For more information on these fully approved leading lubricants go to or talk to Finol in Dublin on 01 4555484.

Finol Fuel Economy Calculator copy

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