Finol introduces new Total engine oil

Finol Oils has introduced a new engine oil from Total to the Irish Market, Total Quartz INEO First 0W30, a modern engine oil, based on the highest levels of actual Synthetic Technology.

TOTAL_QUART_INEO_FIRST_0W30_1L-copy5The oil has been developed in close cooperation with PSA technical departments and motorists and is now directly delivered from Total Lubricant’s blending’s to PSA car assembly lines.

Total is now the unique engine oil supplier for PSA and its products are chosen to equip all engines of new Peugeot and Citroen vehicles, whether the engines are petrol or diesel-powered.

Several reasons justify this technical advance achieved by Total Quartz INEO First 0W30:

  The best engine protection measured on official PSA engine tests against wear and soot build up.

  The reduction of fuel consumption represents more than 1,000km driven for each oil drain

  The reduction of pollutant emission by protecting anti-pollution devices

  The reduction of CO2 emission of 6g / km (when the best tyres manufacturers’ claim 4!)

  Very-long lasting performance and reliability for all engine parts.

Peugeot and Citroen have chosen this new engine oil to equip their engines from the plant and they also recommend this oil for service-fill.

Indeed Total Quartz INEO First 0W30 is the first and only oil to be homologated PSA B71 2312 for after-sales, and is already officially recommended in all new car owner’s manual.

Maintaining the vehicles with the very same engine oil used in factory fill is the best way to secure vehicle performance, and will also help keeping car maintenance budget and fuel consumption as low as possible.

For more information on this product or any of the Total branded lubricants go to or contact Finol Oils in Dublin on 01 4555484.

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