FAI timing chain kits now available from Fyfes

Fyfes Car Parts Ireland, sister company of Fyfes Vehicle and Engineering Supplies, Northern Ireland’s leading motor factor is now offering the trade a comprehensive range of FAI timing chain kits at both their Dundalk and Drogheda branches.


Fyfes says that FAI is leading the way in developing new timing chain kits for today’s modern engines.

New generation chains are a far cry from their predecessors – longer, lighter, withstanding greater forces and operating with less friction.

In fact they are so much better that many manufacturers have reverted to timing chains as a ’fit for life’ product, instead of belts with their need for regular replacement.

While OEMs describe timing chains as a ‘fit for life’, most garages find that they are replacing timing chains on a weekly basis.

Chain wear caused by an oil issue is the most common reason for replacement. FAI has carried out lab tests on oil from failed engines.

These show the key causes are use of wrong oil grade (specification) and contaminants (carbon, metal particles, water, fuel, etc.) suspended in the oil as a result of poor maintenance.

These foreign bodies move around the engine, causing premature wear of the chain and sprockets. Debris blocks feed holes into the tensioner(s) and variable valve timing (VVT) hubs, eventually starving them of oil. It is imperative that when a timing chain kit is installed, great care is taken to ensure the sump, oil galleries and oil pump are clean and undamaged. New oil and a new filter should be used.
There is a helpful installation video on the FAI web site http://faiauto.com/video-library/.

Covering all popular modern petrol and diesel engines, FAI kits give a total solution in the one box, according to Fyfes.

A FAI kit has everything you need to complete installation – all of the timing components, bolts, oil seals, gaskets, RTV silicone and, where applicable, VVT hubs and oil spray pipes.

Leaflets offering tips on best practice and technical advice are included in each kit, with an Oil Warning Label stating the grade of oil needed for the application.

To ensure owners continue to use the correct oil, FAI also includes self-adhesive labels for the service book and the bonnet slam panel, to show the date of installation and grade of oil used.

Remember that replenishing with the wrong oil grade could result in a very costly repair – engines are expensive compared with oil!
With FAI, you get every part – with Fyfes you get excellent service. Call 042 935 1095 to learn more about Fyfe’s range of FAI timing chain kits.

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