FAI launches new Timing Chain Catalogue

Leading aftermarket supplier FAI has introduced a new 2012 Timing Chain Catalogue. It includes over 100 new part numbers added to the already comprehensive range, with all high quality complete kits benchmarked to OE standard.

Not so many years ago, the days of the timing chain appeared numbered as car makers opted for more flexible timing belts. However, the advent of more stringent environmental regulations means today vehicle manufacturers are being put under more and more pressure to produce engines that deliver more power, yet pollute less. Because of the extreme loads created within modern engines and the ever increasing issue of reducing friction to improve output, engineers have re-designed and reinvented the humble timing chain so that it now plays a vital function in many of the latest compact power units. The latest timing chains have two major benefits over the timing belt. Firstly, being made from high grade steels, it can withstand greater loads than a rubber composite belt. Secondly being continually lubricated the friction generated by a chain is far less than that of a dry belt. With these two key attributes, new engines using chains enable designers to reduce engine capacity and emissions, yet still increase power output.

All this means that timing chains will play an increasingly important role in the aftermarket, now and in years to come, so choosing the right range to satisfy demand will be vital. FAI are at the forefront of the aftermarket timing chain kit business and are the only company in Europe to offer an all makes programme of timing chain kits that have been designed with the installer in mind. They offer complete solutions in one box, with each kit not only including all the timing components needed to carry out a repair or preventative maintenance, but also any oil feed pipes, gaskets, seals, bolts or sealants required to complete the task in hand. Unlike other aftermarket ranges, where FAI offers a kit for an engine using variable valve timing (VVT) the VVT hub will be included.

All FAI timing chain kits are benchmarked using OE samples and full details of the range can be found in the new FAI Timing Chain Kit catalogue. This includes over 100 new part numbers added to the already comprehensive range, covering Alfa Romeo to Volvo and including vehicles launched as late as 2012.

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