Face masks and hand sanitisers from Soltec

Waste management specialists, Soltec offers a range of protective face masks and hand sanitisers as part of it Covid-19 product line-up.

Soltec’s four ply facemasks come in packs of 50 and have 99 per cent efficiency at filtering dust and bacteria.

The company also offers what it terms its “premium mask” – the KN95 Particulate Protective Respirator, which has five layers that offer have greater particle filtration efficiency (P.F.E.).

The KN95 comes in a lightweight design and may be worn for up to eight hours.

The best practice to help prevent transmission of Covid-19 still remain good hand hygiene, this is can be achieved through the use of hand sanitiser.

To that end, Soltec offers a 76 ml pocket size alcohol hand sanitiser.

Soltec’s hand sanitiser is Irish made, fast drying, contains 68 per cent alcohol and kills 99.99 per cent of bacteria, germs and viruses.

With no water needed, the hand sanitiser is perfect for the office or workplace. It refreshes and leaves hands feeling soft.

The alcohol hand sanitiser is now available in 76 ml pocket size, 500 ml, 1,000 ml, 2.5 litre and 5 litre bulk size. The larger sizes are ideal for refilling hand sanitiser dispensers, refilling your own bottles and for large workplaces.

Soltec’s hand sanitiser is a fully approved and regulated. Biocide Hand Sanitiser PCS 100392

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