Europower has you covered

Europower Battery Centre is one of the largest independent battery distributors in the Irish market, supplying a wide range of batteries for automotive, leisure, mobility, UPS, renewable energy and other specialist applications since 1990.

Its portfolio includes world recognisable OEM brands such as Banner, Trojan, Optimate, Sonnenschein, MK and Unibat.

Banner Booster Packs
Europower’s range of professional Banner 12V, 24V and 12/24V automotive jump start packs are engineered to multi-start a wide range of engine sizes – from small petrol cars to the largest commercial plant.

Supplying mobile power anytime, anywhere; these are portable starting devices which are quick and simple to use.

Unibat Motorcycle
Europower offers a full range of 6/12V motorcycle batteries to suit all makes and models, such as BMW, Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki.

Unibat supplies original equipment batteries to prestigious motorcycle companies such as Benelli, Beta, Husqvarna, Ducati and Malaguti.

These offer high cranking power, lower self discharge for times of non-use and come both sealed and ready to go or complete with acid pack for when you are ready to commission the product.

Optimate Chargers & Conditioners
A full range of Optimate high performance motorcycle battery chargers and accessories is available from Europower Battery Centre.

Reliable, safe and easy to use, these products feature the latest technology and unsurpassed quality of both design and production, according to Europower.

The Optimate accessories range includes battery chargers, testers, USB products, cables and connectors – all of premium quality and reliability.

Because Europower only specialises in batteries and battery related products, the company says it can therefore offer its customers unrivalled technical expertise and excellent service.

It adds that its customer relationships are maintained by providing the best products for their applications and by applying its company’s experience and know-how to their needs.

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