Elf Moto lubricants for motorcycles and scooters

Represented in Ireland by Finol Oils, the Elf Moto lubricants range,  has been developed and tested in competition for use in motorcycles snd scooters.

Elf_MOTO_4_Road_10W-40_1L copyThe range benefits from the latest research and cutting edge technologies to guarantee engine protection, clutch performance and gearbox enhancement.  One such product from the Moto range is Elf Moto 4 Road 10W-40 Engine Oil.

Moto 4 Road 10W-40 is a synthetic based 4 stroke motor oil, which incorporates clutch anti-slippage technology and gives superior performance in terms of lubrication. With easier acceleration and a visible reduction in smoke emissions when starting,  motorcyclists will enjoya more comfortable ride while using this motor oil.

MOTO 4 Road 10W-40 can be used for all types of 4-stroke engine motorcycles which require API SJ & JASO MA2 international standards. As a multi-purpose lubricant it meets the severe requirements  that engines needs for urban traffic and long distance runs.

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