Electro Maintenance focuses on the right product at the right time

Ireland’s leading rotating electrical specialist, Electro Maintenance Ltd has been successfully trading within the automotive industry since 1964.

Since it’s inception the company’s core focus has been having the right product available when required as an alternator or starter motor is an unplanned distressed purchase.

Having a combined stock across its two locations of over 10,000 units and over 3,600 SKUs, it is no wonder its conversion rate from enquiry to sale is over 85 per cent.

Since the early 1990s the company has been purchasing in Asia with the focus on quality and then reaching a competitive pricing structure which works in the domestic market.

The past 18 months has not been without its challenges but also has also seen some important milestones reached, namely:

  • IS09001-2015 certification
  • Sharing of company development roadmap
  • Production of Ireland’s only application image catalogue, for starter motors and alternators
  • New staff on board.
  • Increased warehousing space in its Dublin office.
  • Each product range depth increased by over eight per cent.
  • Successful retaining of government contracts.

According to Managing Director, David Sanfey, the company recognises the input of its staff and also the support and strength of the brands its represents. This combination according to David is unique as some members of staff and suppliers have been on board over 30 years, something the company stores great value in.

The company’s network in Ireland covers all counties while it also has a growing export market, particularly now with the impact of Brexit remaining on many fronts. This coverage allows the company create stock profiles for its clients, special offers and merchandising assistance that would be best suited to the customers’ local market.

With strong brands such as Bosch, Denso, Mahle, Prestolite, AS-PL, HC-Cargo, Remy, Woodauto Durite, Robarcko and LED Autolamps combined with its staff, Electro Maintenance is looking forward to implementing its growth strategy for 2022/2023.

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