Educate the driver about Sachs shocks and reap the rewards

Sachs OE quality shock absorbers from ZF Aftermarket tick every box: safety, quality, innovation and range. They provide optimum performance and dynamics; perfect road grip and cornering behaviour no matter how challenging the road.

Shock absorbers are the unsung heroes of the suspension system. Without good quality, well maintained components you’d be in for a very bumpy ride indeed. Drivers need to know that defective shock absorbers increase braking distances – meaning it takes longer for their car to stop once they’ve pressed the brake pedal. Not good when the majority of driving across the UK occurs in busy, built up areas – with lots of stopping required.

Fit Sachs Shocks for Success
The Sachs brand offers shock absorbers and service kit part references covering various suspension types including standard and sport applications. These are the same OE products as fitted on the factory production line by many vehicle manufacturers (VMs).

Replacing the original shock absorber with a Sachs product means that the VM’s specifications are fully retained with regard to operating parameters, driving comfort, reliability and long service life. ZF Aftermarket operates a first to market ethos – for even the newest vehicles and all Sachs shock absorbers carry a two-year, unlimited mileage warranty.

Good News for Garages
SMMT data shows that the UK used car market bounced back by 4.4 per cent in the third quarter of 2020 as more than 2 million vehicles changed hands. The data confirms that demand lifted across all fuel types, with biggest percentage growth enjoyed by electric vehicles after disappointing second quarter. So, for the UK aftermarket, there’s a host of opportunity out there.

Change in pairs for a safer drive
As well as recommending that shock absorbers should be checked regularly, ZF Aftermarket advocates that drivers should be educated on the impact on handling, ABS and stability systems when replacing parts individually – on only one side of the axle.

The UK’s roads are riddled with pot holes which can cause major – often unseen – damage to the suspension system and put excess pressure on the shock absorbers. Replacing axle pairs will maintain stability and safe handling.

Staying ahead of the game, ZF Aftermarket engineers work behind the scenes to bring the very latest technological developments to life.

Continuous Damping Control (CDC) offers stability even in critical driving situations, including reduced stopping distances. With over 14 million units installed, this state-of-the-art technology continually records all the variables and adjusts damping force to ensure a more comfortable and safer journey for your customers.

The business offers several lightweight design measures which are combined with a variable wall thickness, resulting in guaranteed strength.

Modular shock absorbers and suspension struts – with innovative production processes and high-quality zinc plating, the modular shock absorbers and suspension struts are as reliable as they are long-lasting.

Twin tube dampers – damping force characteristics are specifically designed for each vehicle type – vehicle weight, axle design and suspension springs.

Monotube dampers – Sachs monotube dampers can be installed in any position. By operating at a higher pressure than the twin-tube damper, bubble formations in the hydraulic oil are prevented.

The OE pedigree of Sachs shock absorbers ensures that the products will fit correctly straight out of the box, saving time for the installer and boosting workshop throughput. Parts are matched to the individual vehicle variant, unlike some aftermarket parts that attempt to cover a range of models with a single part reference.

Supplementary parts including top mounts and service kits consisting of spring assister (bump stop) and protective gaiter are available to help prolong the life of a new shock absorber.

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