Double barrel foot pump from Ring Automotive

Ring Automotive’s RFP2 double barrel foot pump comes with an anti-slip rubber tread and rubber feet keep it stable and easy to use.

The foot pump’s analogue gauge shows pressure in PSI and BAR and includes a flexible hose and tyre thumb lock system to make it easy to attach the hose on to a tyre securely.

With twice as much power as a single barrel model, Ring claims topping up tyres and inflatables has never been easier.

Recently awarded an Auto Express ‘Recommended Buy’, the RFP2 is said to have given the best of the competition a run for its money, not least because it was more then £10 cheaper and had a similarly long hose.

The foot plate size and the rubber coverings were highlighted as very effective and the handy Velcro bag, four adaptors and rear locking bar were also mentioned.

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