Difficult access oil funnel from Laser Tools

Laser Tools has launched its new ‘difficult access oil funnel’ (part number 8572), which has an extra-long spout, with a 45 degree cranked spout adaptor and is designed to get right into these hard to reach areas. It is especially suitable for motorcycles.

The transparent funnel shows oil or fluid flow, and features a removable plastic filter to prevent debris entering together with an integral breather pipe to prevent any airlocks.

The spout adaptor cap be rotated to allow the extension pipe to be positioned into the filler point while keeping the funnel handle level for easy filling.

Robust and long-lasting, the funnel is manufactured from polycarbonate with the extension pipe and adaptor from polypropylene. Funnel diameter: 140mm; spout diameter: 29mm to 13mm; long reach: 368mm.

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