ContiTech realigns heating and cooling division

ContiTech’s fluid technology business, has realigned its structure and divided its Heating/Cooling/Turbocharger segment into two new, even more effective segments.

The Heating/Cooling Systems segment will concentrate on water-related product areas, while the new Air Induction Systems segment will look to a larger market.

In addition to charge air lines, the product range will also include all other lines for air induction systems. It will additionally focus on building upon and internationalising the plastics expertise offered by the segment.

The Heating/Cooling/Turbocharger segment has been separated due to divergent developments in the respective markets for the product lines and the deviation in product life cycles.

The previous segment grew strongly in the past and has added a number of new locations. “Separating it into two distinct segments means that they can both target their respective markets even more specifically,” explains Matthias Schönberg, head of the business unit.

The Heating/Cooling Systems segment will be led by Mihály Nagy, who previously managed in Hungary the largest production facilities for this area. Joachim Geimer, previously responsible for the Power Steering & Chassis Control segment, will take over at the helm of the Air Induction Systems segment. He will be succeeded at Power Steering & Chassis Control by Florian Fauth, formerly segment manager for Heating/Cooling/Turbo Charger.

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