Continental launches tool sets for belt-in-oil engines

Continental has launched its first tool sets specially designed for belt-in-oil engines, which it says enable mechanics to successfully change the timing belt of these engines and set their timing in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications with ease, even in a confined space.

Tool Box V09 contains all the tools required for working on the Ford EcoBoost and Ford 2.0l EcoBlue engines or the 1.2l PureTech units from Opel or the PSA Group.

Tool Box V10 is a complementary set containing a torque multiplier that professional mechanics will need for certain models of Ford EcoBoost engine. On these engines, it is mandatory to use a torque multiplier for tightening the bolt on the crankshaft belt pulley.

In addition to the torque multiplier, this high-quality tool set also comes with retaining plates, fastening bolts, a supporting arm and reinforced sockets. There is also a spacer plate that is needed for attaching the lever arm to the engine block of some models.

This is because the belt-in-oil engines in question can be found under the bonnet of millions of vehicles in Europe that are now coming into the workshop for maintenance.

Continental says the tools in these sets will enable mechanics to carry out repairs to a high standard (in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications) more easily, reliably and efficiently. Not only will this result in more efficient use of time, it will keep mechanics happy and ensure satisfied customers too.

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