Comline drives forward with new motor oils

Despite being a relative newcomer to the motor oil segment, Comline continues to demonstrate its intentions in this category with the introduction of five new variants. These introductions boost the overall range to 13 options and provide an indication as to the success that Comline has had in penetrating the oil market since first launching in early 2013.

Comline-0W-20_5litre_bottleSpeaking on behalf of Comline, Sales & Marketing Director Malcolm Rosher commented “When we launched Comline motor oils early in 2013 we fully expected the product to gain traction in the marketplace. However the response we’ve had to the product, has been very positive to the quality and positioning of the product and this has led us to introduce these five new models.”

One of the most notable introductions among these five new derivatives is 5W-20 Eco, an oil developed primarily to cater for the new generation of Ford EcoBoost engines. The low viscosity characteristics of 5W-20 Eco make it an ideal compliment for the EcoBoost engines and it therefore delivers excellent fuel saving properties.
“The EcoBoost engine has been hailed as a revolutionary engine design and this is reflecting in sales of EcoBoost-powered Ford models right across Europe. With 5W-20 Eco, Comline really is ahead of the curve.” stated Rosher. “The demand for oil developed specifically for these EcoBoost power-plants is potentially huge and our product development team has ensured that Comline is fully equipped to cater for this demand via the introduction of 5W-20 Eco.”

The introduction of five new oil variants demonstrates the growing strength of Comline in the motor oil sector and its acceptance in the marketplace further emphasises that the brand continues to deliver on its promise of product quality and value for its customers.

The New Oils
Comline 0W20 is a fully synthetic of motor oil for petrol engines in passenger cars. This oil can be used in cars equipped with catalytic converters, turbo-charged engines, anddirect injection systems, where API SN-RC (also SJ, SL and SM) or ILSAC GF-5 (also GF-2,-3 and -4) is prescribed. CO 0W20 should not be used for diesel particulate filter.
Available Sizes: 1-Litre & 5-Litres

EcoComline 5W-20 Eco is a fully synthetic oil primarily designed for the new generation Ford EcoBoost engines. This variant can also be used in all petrol vehicles where ACEA A1/B1 and API SN specification is prescribed.
Available Sizes: 1-Litre & 5-Litres

5W-30 C1
Comline 5W30 C1 is a fully synthetic motor oil for petrol and diesel engines in passenger cars and light duty commercial vehicles, where a fuel-economy engine oil is prescribed (ACEA C1).
Available Sizes: 5-Litres

5W-30 C2
Comline 5W30 C2 is a fully synthetic motor oil for petrol and diesel engines, with or without turbo. This oil is also recommended for cars and light duty commercial vehicles for which a fuel economy oil according to ILSAC GF-3 and/or ACEA A1/B1 is prescribed.
Available Sizes: 5-Litres

5W-30 C4
Comline 5W30 C4 is a fully synthetic motor oil for petrol and diesel engines in passenger cars and light duty commercial vehicles. This oil can be applied for cars equipped with catalytic converters, turbo-charged engines and for direct fuel injection systems.
Available Sizes: 5-Litres

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