Clarios reveals new safety critical battery for EVs

Clarios has revealed a new safety critical battery for electric vehicles, which it says will be in production “within the next two to three years”.

The Clarios Smart AGM (absorbent glass mat) will monitor its performance in real-time, deliver continuous low-voltage power to optimise performance of the low-voltage power supply, anticipate the need for battery maintenance and provide safety critical operations, according to Clarios.

Most OEMs already choose Clarios AGM batteries to handle the increasing electrical loads of today’s vehicles, which must meet growing consumer expectations for safety, comfort, and connectivity.

EVs require an advanced low-voltage battery as a key component of a multi-battery system, to help provide continuous low-voltage power and provide crucial safety functionality in critical moments of emergency. As more autonomous features are added to vehicles, there will be an even greater reliance on the low-voltage battery.

“The Clarios Smart AGM will be a gamechanger for the industry, providing a reliable safety critical battery with real-time communications,” said Mark Wallace, Clarios CEO.

“It combines the proven reliability, inherent safe chemistry and sustainability of AGM with the real-time intelligence of our Smart technology. Also, it will extend our Clarios xEV portfolio, a range of advanced low-voltage batteries specifically designed to maximise EV performance, safety and reliability,” he added.

According to Clarios, the Smart AGM provides uniquely superior functional safety performance to support vehicle reliability offering real-time communications that: identify potential issues in the battery before they happen; provide emergency power critical for EV and autonomous vehicles; anticipate required maintenance or replacement; and optimise performance of the low-voltage power supply.

The Clarios Smart AGM provides the “most reliable” 12V power management system for the functional safety of critical vehicle operations, including advanced safety and autonomous applications.

The Smart AGM battery is designed to reduce or eliminate internal failure modes, provide continued power supply operation with no leakage during crash events and monitor battery performance over time, supporting multiple vehicle use cases.

Currently 12V batteries are managed through an external sensor that is placed on top of the battery. With Smart AGM, Clarios claims it has developed an integrated approach to the electronics in the battery.

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