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Choosing the best grease for the job

When we think about improving a vehicle’s mechanical efficiency, emphasis is often placed solely on parts. Although using the best parts for the job provides an obvious benefit, complementary products such as brake lubricants are often overlooked, when in fact they are integral to how a braking system operates.

The latest engine oil for hybrids

Finol Oils are the providers of the highly innovative Quartz 9000 Future GF5 0W-20, a fully synthetic and specialised engine oil designed for application with the latest advances in engine technology.

Fluidmatic MV LV available from Finol

Lubricants are the lifeblood of a vehicle and just as an engine oil keeps the components inside well lubricated and performing at the best possible level, Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) protects the components inside automatic transmissions.

Antifreeze and coolants from Finol

Traditional antifreeze/coolants were mainly blue or green no matter what specific brand you chose. Antifreeze was mixed 50/50 with water and then poured into the radiator.

Millers Oils launches three new engine oils for modern classics

Protecting your investment and looking after your modern classic influences all maintenance and care purchases.

Finol reveals Nero Tank Management

Finol Oils has launched Nero Tank Management into the Irish market, the latest innovation within the lubricants specialist’s suite of services.

TerraClean launches new pour-in engine treatment

Randstad Ltd., authorised distributors of the TerraClean brand, has launched a new TerraClean engine treatment, designed to complement its intensive engine decarbonising service.

Duckhams relaunches in Ireland

Duckhams, the much-loved and popular oil brand, known around the world for its distinctive green hue has relaunched in Ireland.

Lube Cube saves over 500 tonnes of plastic

Fuchs Lubricants claims its cardboard packaging solution has saved 500 tonnes of plastic since its introduction in 2012 – equivalent of 10 million two litre plastic bottles, or 60 million plastic carrier bags.