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Hella equips A7 Sportback with intelligent lighting functions

Together with the vehicle manufacturer Audi, Hella has developed a striking lighting technology for the new Audi A7 Sportback, the headlamps for which are available as LED, Matrix LED and HD Matrix LED with laser high beam variants. The system uses a new control unit, which takes care of all of the lighting functions and in

Osram’s LEDriving Fog Lamps provide powerful LED illumination

Osram’s LEDriving Fog Lamps provide powerful LED illumination on the road cutting through fog and hazardous weather conditions and can be used to upgrade standard halogen bulbs to LED without replacing the whole fog lamp fixture. Where a vehicle uses halogen ECE types: H8, H10, H11 and H16 the LEDriving Fog Lamps can be used

Osram LED bulb displays and demos

A small and compact display allows garages, workshops and trade counters to stock the best quality LED bulbs from Osram. The displays are supplied empty so stockists can “pick and mix” any of the blister packs in the Osram range to suit individual requirements. The Osram CANbus Control Units can also be included, meaning stockists

Philips how-to-guide when changing headlight bulbs

Cars vary hugely in complexity. For some cars, it’s relatively simple to open the bonnet and get to the back of the headlight, remove the old bulb and replace it with a new one. As technology has advanced, the space within the engine compartment has been filled, making it more and more difficult to replace

Hella LED Matrix Headlamps for new VW Touareg

The latest generation Volkswagen Touareg, which has just had its world premiere in China, features one of the most powerful lighting systems on the market – the LED Matrix Headlamp, jointly developed by Hella and Volkswagen. Volkswagen will offer the innovative lighting system for the new luxury class SUV, under the ‘IQ.LIGHT – LED Matrix

Continental and Osram successfully concluded negotiations

Continental and Osram have successfully concluded their negotiations on the Osram Continental GmbH joint venture. The joint venture, in which each of the partners has a 50 per cent stake, aims to combine Continental’s and Osram’s respective expertise in lighting, light control and electronics and is scheduled to start in the second half of 2018,

Hella – 20 years of LED competence

In the latest vehicles, traditional bulbs such as halogen and xenon are gradually becoming a thing of the past as vehicle manufacturers (VMs) seek more environmentally friendly and economically efficient lighting solutions. As a result, the VMs are switching to light-emitting diode (LED) systems for the majority of their lighting functions because, as well as

New Sealey SMD LED rechargeable lantern with wireless speaker

Sealey’s new SMD LED Rechargeable Lantern with Wireless Speaker is constructed from a sturdy composite case and incorporates a hanging/carrying handle. It produces up to 360 lumens through the 10 SMD LEDs and features three selectable light settings. Connect wirelessly to your phone for hours of playback through the built-in speaker, which is powered by

Denso develops new vision sensor for improved night driving safety

Denso Corporation has developed a new standard vision sensor that detects cyclists, pedestrians, road signs, driving lanes and other road users at night. Working in conjunction with a millimetre-wave radar sensor, the new vision sensor allows automobiles to automatically activate emergency braking when obstacles are identified, helping reduce accidents and improve overall vehicle safety. The