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Hella Ireland adds Mann & Hummel filters

Hella Ireland has added the complete Mann & Hummel passenger car filter programme to its ever growing product portfolio. Mann & Hummel is renowned worldwide as a premiun subbplier to the OE and Aftermarket. The addition of Mann & Hummel reflect Hella Ireland’ policy of offering its customers OE brand replacement parts. All Mann &

ACDelco calls for focus on cabin filters

Given that summer has got off to a promising start, with relatively long-range forecasts painting the picture of a continued period of hot temperatures and plenty of sunshine, it is important that we are as prepared as we can be to enjoy it…..the motorist included. And whilst we would all probably prefer to be basking

EEC launches hand-held Diesel Particulate Filter diagnostics tool

European Exhaust and Catalyst (EEC) has launched a new specialised hand-held Diesel Particulate Filter diagnostics tool, which allows mechanics and technicians to regenerate Diesel Particulate Filters , reset the EOLYS additive light, identify DPF fault codes, chech the filter replacement function and perform a static regeneration without needing assistance from a main dealer!

Sogefi offers air filter advice

Optimal engine performance and a reduced environmental footprint go hand in hand, say the filtration experts at Sogefi Group. The car’s air intake plays a key role especially during dusty summer times. That is why drivers should regularly change the air filters on their vehicles and only use OE-quality replacements.