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Continental improves offer for repair shops

Some engines need another drive belt in addition to the usual timing belt that controls the camshaft in the engine. This additional belt powers the balance shaft or injection pump, for example – a standard application in numerous vehicle models. However, until now this has meant that auto repair shops need to procure several components

Dayco launches new HK belt

The Dayco range encompasses timing belts and kits, timing/water pump kits, chain kits, belt-in-oil kits and all the auxiliary drive related belts and components necessary to help technicians tackle any power transmission related challenge. Highlighting just two of these products – High Tenacity and the just released, HK belt – demonstrates how Dayco is developing

Gates introduces new Micro-V Belts

Gates introduced its latest generation of Micro-V belts – The Gates Family of Four at Automechanika Birmingham this week. A new look, OE construction and a new family of four – major talking points to emerge from the latest generation of multi-ribbed belts for accessory belt drive systems, introduced by Gates. The link between Gates

Belt change imminent? Get your timing right

INA manufactures over 65 million components every year, providing primary and FEAD systems to all of the leading vehicle manufacturers and giving you access to the best range of OE content belt kits available in the aftermarket. Every INA KIT offers a complete repair solution in just one box. Put simply, every single component that