Castrol launches new ranges

Castrol has launched the new Castrol Power1 Racing and Castrol Power 1 4T ranges, developed with cutting-edge formulation technology, underpinned by Castrol 100 year + experience in motorcycle lubrication, and tested using  Castrol  proprietary state-of the art methodologies based on latest generation motorcycle hardware.

The new formulation boasts better performance as a direct result of improved technology and product specification upgrade.

In the Power 1 4T family, all the existing Power 1 4T and Power 1 4T Racing variants were relaunched with new improved formulations and product propositions. Additionally new evidences and tests were conducted on Power 1 4T Scooter variants to reinforce the product benefits.

Castrol Power1 Racing 4T is born from the historical Castrol experience into the racing world. The new Castrol Power1 Racing 4T with Race Derived Technology is proven to stay strong and deliver acceleration in race track conditions. It resists thickening at high temperatures, maintaining oil viscosity allowing to ensure maximum engines performance. It has been tested under harsh racing conditions for over 40,000km it maintained 94 per cent of the start of test maximum Power produced by the engine, delivering racing performance without sacrificing engine protection.

The new Castrol Power1 4T 10W with Power Release Technology optimises friction which in return provides motorcycle enthusiasts with faster, more superior acceleration at the twist of the throttle. Castrol Power1 4T 15W-20W with Power Sustain Technology manages heat and friction in big bikes, ensuring continuous Power delivery through its ability to resist oxidation at higher temperatures.

Castrol Power 1 Scooter 4T is the product variant specifically designed to meet the Scooter engine needs. Scooters can run up to 15 degrees hotter than motorcycles: it’s crucial that an oil can operate in these high temperatures and reduce friction in the engine to help get the maximum Power from the engine. Castrol Power 1 Scooter 4T with Scootek Technology has been shown to accelerate faster than a test reference oil in a simulated acceleration test run by Castrol, pulling away from the reference oil by up to 1.6 metres in just 30 seconds. It has been extensively tested in an in-house chassis dynamometer acceleration test to give improved acceleration at the touch of the throttle.

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