Cabin filters represent untapped business potential – ADE

Cabin filters still remain a huge area of untapped business potential for both garages and parts suppliers, according to Auto Diesel Electric (ADE), which represents MANN Filter.

ADE cabin
ADE says that most motorists are unaware of Cabin filters and the fact that they need changing. Most garages are also slow to explain the benefits of doing so.

There is one tried and trusted method of creating awareness about the benefits of changing a cabin filter and about the genuine health dangers of not doing so. Take an old cabin filter that has completed its full service term in a car. Place it in a clear bag and leave it on your counter. It will clearly show the dirt, dust, dead insects and contamination that the cabin filter blocks out, contamination that driver and passengers will be breathing in, if a filter is not working effectively.

For the motorist a cabin filter means cleaner in-car air, less tiredness, less allergy and health problems and no dangerous windscreen film build-up. It all adds up to something most drivers do not mind paying if they are informed correctly.

Many garages also tend to shy away from cabin filters because of a number of common misconceptions. The main one of these is that they take too long and are difficult to fit.

ADE filter supplier MANN has calculated that the average cabin filter replacement time is just 16.6 minutes and can be as little as 6 minutes on some models. Modern cabin filters are designed to be service items and as such are now generally very accessible.

Locating the filter is also now more straight forward. MANN makes it easy to find information on cabin filter location and replacement with a fitment guide in every filter box to make the job easy. Fitting information can also be found in the MANN Filter catalogue which is available on-line, or in printed or CD formats.

Lastly, choosing the right filter is easy. The MANN cabin filter range from ADE has cabin filters for all applications, including Europe and Far Eastern models, all in superb OE quality.

Boost your business by making a MANN FILTER cabin filter part of every service kit

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