Brembo introduces new energy saving braking solution

Brembo has introduced, ‘Enesys, Energy Saving System’, a new braking solution which claims to further enhance the efficiency and performance of a car’s braking system and helps reduce emissions.

Enesys is an acronym of ENErgy Saving sYStem, the name of Brembo’s new generation of brake spring technology, designed to diminish the brake residual torque.

The spring’s task is to make sure that the brake pads return to their initial position in the caliper once the brake pedal is released, thus avoiding undesired friction between the pads and the brake disc. Thanks to Enesys, Energy Saving System, Brembo says this process is further improved, providing multiple major benefits.

The new spring reduces possible residual contacts between pads and discs while the driver is not braking. This small yet ultra-efficient solution prioritises a reduction of both emissions and energy waste, while also guaranteeing an overall increase in performance of a vehicle with the same engine, power and weight, according to the Italian firm.

Enesys, Energy Saving System further contributes to lowering vehicle emissions because it limits brake pad and disc wear, decreasing the brake dust generated by residual friction. Avoiding excessive wear also means reducing the products’ maintenance needs and increasing their duration.

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