Brembo CV brake discs with PVT PLUS venting technology

Many vehicle operators and fleet engineers have a strong brand preference when it comes to selecting commercial vehicle (CV) disc pad brands for their trucks and trailers.

However, the importance of CV brake disc brands and quality in relation to safe and cost-effective braking has often been overlooked due to a lack of choice, availability, and product information.

Surprisingly, in the independent aftermarket most CV brake discs are not manufactured by the brand name on the box.

However, Brembo says its new wider range of original equipment (OE) quality CV brake discs are all manufactured in its own European plants to the highest standards and are designed and proven to provide safe and reliable braking performance, whilst reducing overall maintenance costs.

During commercial vehicle braking, energy is transferred into heat and at the disc / pad interface up to 80 per cent of the heat is absorbed by the disc which is why disc quality is so critical for safe CV braking. The ability and time taken for a disc to cool is vital for safe and continuous braking.

Brembo says it has developed and patented a new brake disc venting technology called Brembo PVT PLUS. The shape and position of the venting pillars within the disc improves air circulation and cooling and helps create a greater barrier to the formation of thermal cracks.

Unlike most aftermarket CV brake discs, Brembo claims its discs are also produced from High Carbon (HC) cast iron, developed with the same parameters as the OE which ensures greater comfort and low noise as the result of their high damping coefficient.

In addition to safer braking, Brembo PVT Plus venting reduces wear and, therefore, extends the life of both discs and pads.

According to Brembo, this makes it the most cost effective choice for a fleet operator.

It adds that the unique Brembo PVT Plus venting design also offers a significant weight reduction of up to 10 per cent which delivers further benefits such as lower fuel consumption, fewer CO2 emissions and improved road holding.

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