Brake fixings driver bit set from Laser Tools

Laser Tools has added a new set of impact-quality drivers (part number 8286), specifically designed for the fixings used in disc and drum brakes.

The set of five drivers includes hex (5mm, 6mm) and Torx (T30, T40, and T50), which suit the most commonly used fixings used in these brake installations. These 40mm deep drivers are 3/8″ drive and manufactured from chrome vanadium alloy steel for strength and black phosphate coated for corrosion resistance.

Also available for brake system servicing are these brake fixing screw master sets from Connect Workshop Consumables: set number 34159 includes M10 and M12 screws (40 pieces) and set 34160 includes M6 and M8 screws (80 pieces).

Both sets provide the most commonly used brake fixings in a variety of sizes, thread pitches and type of driver required (hex or Torx. Plus, as usual with Connect master sets, all the fixings are individually part-numbered, so that you only need to re-order the screws you’ve used (in this case, Connect part numbers 34130 through to 34141.)

The 5mm hex drivers suits Saab and Opel/Vauxhall (use Connect replacement screws 34130, 34135, 34136, 34138). The 6mm hex is for BMW (use screws 34132). T30 driver is for Fiat, Honda, Mercedes-Benz and PSA (screws: 34131, 34137 and 34141). T40 suits Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz and Renault (use screws 34133). The T50 driver is for BMW and Mini (use with replacement screws 34134, 34139, 34140).

For more information on the Laser Tools range contact Tech ‘n’ Tools on 01 419 1611 or visit

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