Bosch introduces new brake fluid tester

Bosch has introduced a new “easy and reliable” diagnostic tool to measure the boiling point of the brake fluid in 30 seconds.

The Brake Fluids Tester (BFT 100) can be plugged directly into the vehicle battery:, meaning there is no need to charge it before use.

Once the probe has been placed into the brake fluid (in the reservoir or previously collected in the test tube provided), the BFT100 records and displays the actual boiling point, and then compares it with the minimum DOT values stored in the appliance (DOT3, DOT4, DOT5.1), so you can easily compare with the vales of other fluids.

When the value recorded is under the minimum values, the BFT100 displays the result “Replace fluid“. The Fluid should be changed preemptively before it hits the minimum boiling point to give the driver peace of mind.

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