Bosch expands range of starters and alternators

Bosch has said that its new range of new starters and alternators already covers a wide range of passenger car, commercial vehicle, and off-highway applications.

This means workshops can already draw on a broad range of products for vehicles in which Bosch products were installed as original equipment.

By extending this range into an all-makes program, Bosch says it is now greatly increasing its workshop program once again, so that in the future workshops will be able to replace various manufacturers’ defective OE starters and alternators.

Thereby the extensive product and process know-how gained from more than 100 years of experience with starters and alternators is incorporated into the selection of the current program. The range expansion includes products for passenger cars and commercial vehicles of many European and Asian brands.

Adapted to the requirements of the market, the program is being further expanded, so that coverage for vehicles from various manufacturers is continuously growing. At the same time, part numbers are being bundled wherever possible in order to keep the range condensed and increase product availability for the various vehicle applications.

The newly added starters and alternators as well as their manufacturing processes are subject to strict and consistent quality management worldwide, which is checked and ensured by regular audits.

Before release, the products undergo an extensive test program in which service life and performance are tested. This involves exposing them to extreme conditions such as high and low temperatures, vibrations, salt spray and humidity.

In addition, it is checked and ensured that the starters and alternators manufactured for the workshop market have the same functionality and fit as the original equipment components that the workshop has to replace. This facilitates assembly and ensures safe operation. The entire new Bosch all-makes range of starters and alternators is available to workshops worldwide through the usual distribution channels.

All the new products added to the range are listed both in Bosch’s ESI[tronic] diagnostic software and in the TecDoc electronic parts catalog.

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