Blue Print offers complete filtration range for Asian and European models

Blue Print claims to offer a complete filtration range for Asian and European makes and models with more than 2,750 components and vehicle applications covering over 90 per cent of all popular cars on European roads from 2000 onwards.

The Blue Print range includes everything from oil, air, fuel and cabin to transmission filters.

A Blue Print spokesperson said: “With Blue Print, you can rest assured that we always have filtration products for the latest vehicle generations on offer.

“Through a smart new vehicle research process, we can guarantee that we will always be one of the first in the market.

“Unlike other companies, we do not rely on third party data to build our programme and have a dedicated in-house vehicle research team.”

According to the company, all of its products go through a stringent, three-stage inspection process – against the OE – to ensure that they meet the high Bilstein Group quality standards.

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