Available from Carcessories this month

Leading independent car accessory wholesaler Carcessories has launched the Petronas range of lubricants starting with 1 and 5 litre sizes, with the 20 litre Bag in the Box (BIB) concept, including stand to follow in October.

Petronas Syntium BIB
Petronas Syntium BIB offers a smart, environmentally friendly packaging solution with fewer carbon emissions, less waste, and recycled materials, reducing up to 92 per cent of plastics, using up to 85 per cent less material when compared to traditional plastic bottles.

The new, sustainable packaging is made up of two complementary components: a cardboard exterior, and soft plastic interior bag formulated for viscose products, which enable both product and packaging to work together securely and seamlessly.

The robust carboard box is 100 per cent recyclable and features high quality printing so customers can easily differentiate between Petronas Syntium BIB products.

The inner plastic bag is made of highly durable Nylon film LX, which has superior tensile, puncture, elongation, and heat seal strength compared to other sealant films.

The bag’s integrated, ergonomic tap provides a strong aromatic barrier, as well as a clean pour, free from spillage and glugging, allowing for maximum product usage. The interior and exterior packaging come together to blend sustainability with convenience and durability, marking a significant shift in favour of ecological packaging within the lubricant industry.

At the workshop, the Bag-in-Box allows for easier display, use and storage, compared to traditional packaging: customized metal dispenser racks provide for a cleaner and organized display of the BIB, allowing the product to be dispensed from the inclined BIB into a pitcher by gravity.

About Petronas
Petronas has a proud heritage in motorsport, and is arguably the fastest growing oil brand worldwide. Building on this proud pedigree Petronas is now making its advanced F1 fluid technology available for everyday cars.

Technological motorsport advancements are helping everyday drivers worldwide enjoy new levels of engine performance.

As the pinnacle of motoring technology, it’s no surprise that numerous innovations first developed in Formula One have slowly trickled into the ordinary road vehicles we drive today. Take the carbon fibre chassis first pioneered by the McLaren team in the 1980s, or even steering wheel radio controls that began life in F1 as engine switches.

However, one area of innovation in which F1 might appear to be lacking is maximising engine efficiency. After all, the main aim within F1 is simply to build the fastest car, with other goals seemingly a secondary concern. But that all changed with new rules introduced by Formula One’s governing body in 2014.

Ever since, Formula One cars have been using hybrid components to minimise fuel consumption, harnessing their own energy produced by the car during a race and redeploying it as part of the power unit’s output, it has been advising the development of everyday road cars.

Recently, in 2022 the rules in F1 racing were tweaked further to mandate more efficiencies and will change again in 2026, by which time cars must use significantly less energy and produce net-zero exhaust CO2 emissions.

In response to these rule changes, the accessories that support F1 power units, such as engine lubricants, are seemingly more advanced than ever. One high-profile example of this is Petronas Syntium, the engine oil first used by the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team in each of their eight consecutive Constructors’ Championship-winning seasons.

Most modern engines only convert around 33 per cent of their potential fuel energy into power, meaning much of the useful energy produced by cars globally is sadly lost to engine inefficiency. Plus, excessive heat can also damage critical engine parts like turbochargers, pistons, and bearings, causing costly breakdowns. Here’s where Petronas Syntium saves the day.

Through a 2022 reformulation and the addition of new ‘CoolTech+ Technology’, the engine oil now offers 37.8 per cent stronger protection against the wear of critical parts than previous formulas, preventing engine deposit build-up to extend parts life and lower maintenance costs.

It also provides up to 68 per cent higher oxidation resistance, controlling sludge, delaying oil thickening, and maintaining a stable, protective film for maximum engine performance. And with its ability to control heat by reducing friction, Petronas Syntium contributes to cut fuel consumption by up to three per cent, which ultimately means less emissions, thus saving motorists money and minimising the environmental impact of driving.

Fausto Lupone, automotive sector expert, technical service EMEA at Petronas Lubricants International explains: “CoolTech+ technology means whatever the road throws at your engine, it now wastes less energy and maximises efficiency.

“With enhanced engine protection, Petronas Syntium protects critical parts to deliver optimal performance every time.”

Drivers can learn more about Petronas Syntium on the explore-cool.com content hub, which features exclusive tools, guidance, and updates on how to reduce the emissions and fuel costs of your vehicle.

With technological motorsport advancements helping everyday drivers worldwide enjoy new levels of engine performance, it’s hard to say what the next transformation that F1 brings to everyday driving will be. But for now, this journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step: Petronas Syntium.

For more information of the Petronas range contact Carcessories on: 01 450 2770. Website: www.carcessories.ie Email: sales@carcessories.ie.

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