Autoelectro proves car parc pedigree by fulfilling customer demand

From a Porsche 968 and Maserati Quattroporte to a Perodua Myvi and Daihatsu Extol, Autoelectro has received an eclectic mix of customer enquiries for obscure starter motor and alternator references over the course of its 30-year remanufacturing history.

While the ‘rebuild and return’ process and adding of a part number not already on Autoelectro’s stock pareto is rare, thanks to excellent availability gained by meticulous analysis of market trends and discovery of which applications have fallen out of their warranty period, the company still receives the odd request that filters through the brand’s phone lines, drops into its inbox or sent via its online chat facility.

Autoelectro’s Commercial Director, Paul Bhogal, said the company goes “the extra mile” and explained the process from request to delivery: “If we have core readily available and it is early enough in the day, our team of experts can ensure the remanufactured part can leave the same day and be with the customer the next morning.

“If old ‘core’ needs to be sought, however, then that can add a few days to the process, but, because it’s a specific request, the customer will usually wait. Ultimately, though, we run at a 100% order fill rate.”

The Great Wall Steed is one reference that certainly spiked interest, recalls Paul: “When we announced this new-to-range, some of our customers contacted us to ask what the Great Wall Steed was!”

Great Wall is one of China’s largest automotive manufacturers and gave birth to the Steed pick-up in 2012. The company became the first Chinese manufacturer to sell large batches of vehicle in the UK.

Craig Wilson, Managing Director of All Vehicle Parts, joked: “I’ve never caught them (Autoelectro) out!”

He added: “I’ve been supplying Autoelectro products for the last seven or eight years and that must have occurred(requested a part number not already in stock). When that does happen, though, they’ll promise the part the next day and will always deliver.”

Serving customer requirements part of bigger overall picture

To cater demand, of not just niche references but ones in the wider market as well, Autoelectro possesses the remanufacturing facilities that allows its team of experts to excel and assemble high-quality products – often with any original design flaws ironed out. Its formula of re-engineering units from old core is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly one.

According to UK Sales Manager, Nick Hood, the fact customers approach Autoelectro illustrates the faith and trust they have in the brand.

He added: “The benefit of working alongside Autoelectro, the leading independent British remanufacturer and supplier of starter motors and alternators, is that we can be proactive to the UK car parc and offer a whole manner of different part numbers.

“Generally, we know when the importers have run out of certain part numbers because we then receive a spike in demand.

“We are engineers – not ‘box pushers’ – so we can offer a technical support and the ability to test and remanufacture the very latest applications, which some manufacturers will not be tooled up for.”

Whether it be sourcing a part number, questions relating to accurate diagnosis or wanting professional advice relating to evolving vehicle technology that can affect customers’ business, Autoelectro boasts a professional service.

For example, technicians can receive thorough and up-to-date fitting and technical guides by subscribing free-of-charge. Sent regularly, these can prove invaluable and avoid unnecessary warranty claims.

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