Autoelectro presents trio of diagnosis and solution examples in latest technical bulletin

Autoelectro, the independent remanufacturer of starter motors and alternators for car and commercial applications, has diagnosed and resolved three specific issues affecting three different applications.

Vehicle manufacturers, Renault, Fiat and Mercedes, all feature in the Bradford company’s latest technical bulletin, available free-of-charge on Autoelectro’s website, and demonstrates the level of its considerable technical expertise.

Focusing on the Renault Clio 2.0 petrol (2000-2013), affecting alternator part numbers AEA4200, AEK2100 and AEK3386, there is a known fault with the vehicle’s drive belt system, which can cause the belt to slip off.

The fault is triggered by the failure of the power steering pump bearings. Consequently, the alternator warning lamp will illuminate, there will be excessive noise and the belt is likely to come off during operation.

Autoelectro recommends that the following components are replaced, to avoid problems in the future and premature failure of the replacement alternator:

•  Drive belt
•  Tensioner
•  Power steering pump
•  Refill power steering pump with ATF-220

Meanwhile, the Fiat Punto/Panda 1.2 (2003-2015) and affecting starter motor references AEU1192 and AEY1726, suffers with an issue that causes the starter motor to burn out. The problem is due to insufficient operating voltage at the ECM from cold starting.
Autoelectro advises that the ECM should be reprogrammed and updated with modified software. This will improve when cold starting and avoid premature failure of the replacement starter motor in the future.

The final vehicle to enter Autoelectro’s workshop is the Mercedes A-Class A190/A210 1.9/2.1 petrol (1999-2009). Part numbers AES2205, AEY2244 and AEY2421 are the starter motor references that are affected, which, like the Punto/Panda, are prematurely burnt out.

The issue is due to a corroded earth point, and it is important to replace it to avoid the same result in the future.

Access to technical bulletin archive
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