AS-PL adds new alternator for tractors and excavators

AS-PL has added a new alternator (A2135S) to its range, which is suited for use in various tractor and excavator units from Massey Ferguson, Hitachi and Komatsu.

The new alternator can be used in the Allis-Chalmers 5020, Allis-Chalmers 5030, Allis-Chalmers 6140, ASV 2800, ASV MD70, Deutz-Allis 5220, Deutz-Allis 5230, Gehl SL3410, Gehl SL3610, Gehl SL3615, Gehl 3645, Hinomoto E23, Hinomoto E25, Hinomoto E25D, Hinomoto E25DT, Hinomoto E26, Hinomoto E28, Hinomoto E32, Hinomoto E40, Hitachi EX40UR, Hitachi EX40UR-2, Hitachi Zaxis 70, Hitachi Zaxis 70LC, Hitachi Zaxis 80, Hitachi ZX70, Hitachi ZX70LC, Hitachi ZX80, Iseki TE3210, Iseki TL1900, Iseki TL2100, Iseki TL2300, Iseki TL2500, Iseki TL2700, Iseki TL2700, Iseki TU1700, Iseki TU1900, Iseki TU2100, Isuzu Engines, Komatsu FD18-16, Komatsu FD20H-12, Komatsu FD20J-12, Komatsu FD25H-12, Komatsu FD25J-12, Komatsu FD25J-14, Komatsu FD30H-12, Komatsu FD30J-12, Komatsu FD30J-14, Komatsu WA20-1, Komatsu WA30-2.

It is also suitable for use in the Massey Ferguson 1030, Massey Ferguson 1035, Massey Ferguson 1040, Massey Ferguson 1045, Massey Ferguson 205, Massey Ferguson 210, Massey Ferguson 2104, Massey Ferguson 220, Massey Ferguson 2204, Takeuchi TL26, TCM FD10Z, TCM FD14Z, TCM FD15Z, TCM FD18Z, TCM FD23Z, TCM FD25Z, TCM FD9Z, Yanmar Engines.

AS-PL offers more than 20,000 different products with a total of almost 450,000 reference numbers.

A wide selection of original products is divided into three product lines: ‘Economy’, ‘Standard’ and Premium’. The new alternator belongs to the standard line.

The offered products include parts and components for passenger cars, lorries, agricultural machines, boats, motorcycles, and for the industrial market.

AS-PL says all alternators and starters are tested using specialist machinery. The test results are included in the product packaging.

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