Aisin unveils more products for more European cars

Belgium-based aftermarket parts manufacturer, Aisin Aftermarket Europe, has strengthened its portfolio at this year’s Automechanika Online with new product launches and developments.

First up is news of a whole host of new references available for even more European cars.

“We’re seeing increasing demand for certain marques and models, as familiar names reach the five years and older mark, the need for replacement parts starts creeping in, so we’re extending our portfolio to serve more of this need. The full list will be available soon,” says Tanguy Brohée, expert marketing coordinator at Aisin.

Aisin says it is increasing the “reach and findability” of its brake parts and products, bringing them all under a single Aisin-owned brand, ADVICS.

Advanced Intelligent Chassis Systems (ADVIC) products were already widely available in Europe, as well as Japan and North America.

The new ADVIC line of brake pads is available immediately through the usual sales channels and distribution network.

“Another Aisin-owned brand will now also be available through our European aftermarket sales channel,” says Brohée, “with the streamlining of ART Pistons into our supply network, effective immediately.”

With the addition of ART Pistons (from Art Metal Manufacturing) into the Aisin Aftermarket Europe portfolio, distributors can now offer leading pistons to their customers.

“This is a complete range that offers improved comfort and safety, high mileage and output power, developed from high strength materials from relentless R&D,” Brohée explains.

Meanwhile, a new Aisin partnership with Stellantis offers a new lease of life on damaged automatic transmissions. Using the Aisin service network, customers can have their garage send automatic transmissions for repair and expect the repaired piece back within (usually) a week, according to Aisin Aftermarket Europe.

“We are talking with the garage networks to help them bring their customers’ cars back onto the roads as smoothly and quickly as possible,” Brohée says.

Aisin Aftermarket Europe has also launched a new electronic ride height sensor for use in air suspension units and with automatic headlight levelling systems.

The sensor, according to Brohée, “makes a ride more comfortable with real-time adjustment to changes in load or occupancy, installed by each wheel arch to ensure ride height on all sides of the vehicle is measured and balanced.”

The sensor can also be used in its single form in vehicles with self-adjusting headlights, says Tanguy. “When a load is put in or taken from the trunk, or the car is accelerating or braking, vehicle height can change, so the sensor can detect this and alert the ECU.”

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