Actioil sorts diesel problems

Workshops can tackle the unseen changes that leave diesel fuel storage tanks, pumps, injection systems and filters vulnerable to severe and costly problems, by using a revolutionary fuel additive.

Finol Oils says that Actioil can kill and eliminate troublesome bacteria and fungal infections, eliminate water, prevent clogging from biofuel, stop oxidation, prevent tank corrosion and lubricate the fuel distribution system, all in one treatment.

After treatment the vehicle will be protected for the full service interval and the storage tanks for three years. The fuel delivery system will be cleaned and restored to its original efficiency.

This is all done by treating the tank in situ by adding Actioil and then running the engine for a short period. The only part used will be new fuel filters, the only labour involved is pouring a few litres of Actioil into the tank. The system does the rest for you.

For further information please contact Aidan Daly on 086 2586672, Finol Oils Limited on 01 4555484 or go to

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