ACDelco launches manufacturer specific fluids

In response to the increasing trend for automotive fluids, in particular oil and brake, to become manufacturer / model specific, ACDelco has introduced a number of new product references that fit into this growing category.

AC Delco Fluids Update copyHeading the latest generation new-to-range oils are four advanced formula fully synthetic oils, not to mention a special long drain Turbo SAE 10W40 oil with low saps formulation. And with dexosÔ from ACDelco setting the new benchmark when it comes to the latest generation of high performance, long life synthetic motor oils – a specification uniquely designed by GM Powertrain engineers – a dexos2 multigrade GEOS-B 5230 mid saps oil has been introduced to supersede a number of existing part numbers.

On the brake fluids front, ACDelco has added the latest Dot 4 formulations, which are available in both 250ml and 1-litre variants. In addition to being listed on ACDelco’s e-catalogue, which can be found at, customers can access information relating to application, numerical indexing and competitor cross referencing. To improve parts identification, the online oil catalogue features a series of universally understandable symbols.

The dexosÔ specifications are the result of an extensive development and testing process that takes in a number of additional proprietary tests, introduced to deliver performance criteria that exceed many current industry standards. The end result is dexos1Ô, which meets the needs of petrol engines and dexos2Ô that is suitable for modern diesel and high performance petrol (including turbo) variants.

Manufactured under a strict licensing programme designed to ensure product quality is never compromised from blending through to distribution, dexosÔ is guaranteed to work in harmony with engines to maintain the performance engineered into a specific vehicle.

In terms of product specific oils, ACDelco customers now have access to the following:

Ford WSS M2C 913 C ACEA – Mandatory for all Ford models (petrol and diesel) from 2009, with the exception of models equipped with pump injectors, this is a MID-SAPS motor oil that is characterised by highly improved lubricating properties and fuel economy (>3%).

Nissan-Renault C4 Low Saps RN0720 Euro 4 for DPF applications – Essentially designed for the newest generation (Euro 4) petrol and diesel engines with diesel particulate filters (DPF) and three-way catalyst relevant to the Renault-Nissan group, this is a fully synthetic, fuel economy LOW SAPS oil that allows for extended oil drain intervals.

Mazda JASO DL-1 Low Saps for DPF applications for low HTHS viscosity – Another Euro 4, LOW SAPS motor oil, this grade is suitable for cars with or without a turbo and for engines that require low HTHS viscosity oil.

GM Dexos 2™/ BMW LL-04 Mid Saps, ACEA C3-08 – A further MID-SAPS oil that combines fuel economy with extended service life, its reduced ash formulation protecting particulate traps and exhaust after treatment devices. This specific oil meets GM and major European OEM’s requirements for petrol and light-duty diesel engines.

In order to provide a total oils solution for both the workshop and retail environment, ACDelco’s product range is predominantly available in 1, 5, 20, 60 and 205 litre variants.

ACDelco Super DOT 4 is a high specification product that exceeds the requirements of most modern vehicles. It can be used in a DOT system with the added benefit of an extended change interval. Furthermore, ACDelco Super DOT 4 is supplied in smaller containers to ensure the fluid remains fresh and is less likely to degrade through the effects of moisture absorption.

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