A positive bearing on your business

Auto Diesel Electric (ADE) is reporting that its Bendix wheel bearing range continues to grow and is now providing many customers with a highly valuable additional source of business.

As the population of cars on Irish roads grows older, wheel bearings are becoming increasingly important aftermarket replacement components. Bearings are wear items and will require replacement at some stage in a vehicle’s life. Add to this the added dangers of pot holes, speed humps and accident damage and it is easy to see their sales potential.

The importance of changing worn bearings cannot be over emphasised. If they are not performing well a vehicle may have a dangerous deterioration in steering and handling characteristics and this can also affect braking performance. There is also the discomfort of increased road noise to consider and the potentially costly damage and increased wear that can occur to associated parts.

Replacement Bendix bearings provide excellent OE quality to give smooth driving performance and peace of mind.

The range offers wide application coverage, with products fully detailed on the TecDoc system. Bendix bearings are also very competitively priced to offer excellent value for money for your customers.

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